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Director of FIPA about EXPO-RUSSIA SERBIA 2017

Distinguished Guests, Participants, Ladies and Gentleman,

On behalf of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herezegovina (FIPA), I would like to warmly welcome you all and whish you a pleasent and successfull International Industrial Exhibition "EXPO-RUSSIA SERBIA 2017".

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) is a state agency established by the Council of Ministers of BiH and it is the leading governmental organization responsible for promotion and attraction of foreign direct investment in BiH. Our mission is to attract and maximize the flow of foreign direct investments and encourage existing investors to further expand and develop their businesses in BiH.  

"EXPO-RUSSIA SERBIA 2017" is a great opportunity to strengthen economic ties between the Russia and Balkan Region countries that already enjoy positive commercial relations, taking into consideration that Russia is currently the fourth biggest investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herezegovina is perspective country, where your investment will be profitable and safe.  The improvement of the business environment in BiH and creation of a favourable cli¬mate for foreign investments are the key features of economic development of BiH. Constant growth of re-investments of existing foreign investors clearly indicates that businessmen have already identified many opportunities for making profit in BiH.

We hope that you will decide to start and successfully manage to implement your business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we are here to assist you in achieving this.

Thank you for choosing Bosnia and Herzegovina as your next investment destination and I wish you a productive and successful Expo.


         Director of FIPA              
                  Mr. Gordan Milinić              

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